Amelia Makes Art


Photo courtesy of Amelia Makes Art

Does your pup have the habit of hanging in front of the mirror and perhaps barking, growling or getting scared by their own reflection? Or is it quite the opposite? Do you find your dog playing or gazing with his or her own reflection perhaps thinking there is another dog in front of them? Most dogs are fascinated by the mirror phenomenon and can be quite entertained by this idea. What if there were a way you could actually clone your dog in a non-living form for the novelty factor?

In society twins, soulmates, doppelgangers and the mini-me phenomenon have a fantastical essence in which one can take on somewhat of a cloned persona.  The idea of having another person look like you, talk like you, think like you and dress like you can be appealing, curiously entertaining and even creepy in a nutshell.  Imagine doing the same for your dog. Taking the exact image of your dog and having a replica in doll form.  Check out the Amelia Makes Art Website for more details. Now you can give an exact replica of a special dog as a gift or even treat yourself to your dog’s own look-a-like.  Amelia states, “There are no patterns, thread or sewing involved. I work from photos you email to me to create your pet’s likeness and pay great attention to detail. Small dogs average 6″ x 8″ and large dogs about 9″ x 11″ based on the breed.” Prices start at roughly $235 and the creative process is quite involved and intricate, as there is much attention to detail on each unique piece. Laugh, smile and enjoy these delightful doggy doppelgangers!


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